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Service philosophy

Service Handbook

Thank you for using all kinds of garmentaccessories from Guangzhou Carbon Gold Technology   Co., Ltd. This Handbook is helpful for you toobtain our high quality after-sales service in the course of use. To providetimely, perfect and comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services forall users, so that products and services go hand in hand; to improve theoverall service quality of enterprises, is Fang Yuan Ren's service objectives.Focus on service, improve service and strive for customer satisfaction. CarbonGold people firmly believe that quality is the life of an enterprise andservice is the soul of an enterprise.

General service rules

"All for customer satisfaction"is our service purpose, we unremittingly pursue in order to let each user canget the most satisfactory service.

Service manual rules

Respected users, first of all, thank youfor choosing Carbon Gold company products, in order to enable you to get betterservice, please take care of your purchase and sale contract and product billsand other relevant documents.

1. Carbon Gold   Co., Ltd. will provide you with qualifiedproduct samples, catalogues, after-sales service manual and productconsultation, technical guidance and other related services.

2. Our company provides qualified bulkproducts to customers according to their written orders and the qualitystandards of the samples confirmed by customers (direct customers) and confirmsthem in the form of contract.

3. After receiving the customer's order, ifthe order requires modification, we can make a written request within 12 hours,and the loss caused by the overdue modification will be borne by the user.

4. Carbon Gold   Co., Ltd. must provide customers with thecommodity "product statement", clear after-sales service terms,customer service telephone, etc.

5. Our company will take the principle ofpromptness, safety and economy to the designated place for the customer's agenttransportation, the customer's request for urgent or air transport costsarising from the customer's own borne;

6. Our company provides the packing serviceof the corresponding packing specification for the customer, the specialrequest packing expense assumes by the customer;

7. Our company can provide a variety ofquadruple buttoning die, I-buttoning die, corner nail die and other supportingmolds, buttoning die;

8. Within 15 days after the receipt of thegoods, the customer shall, in accordance with the established qualityinspection standards, take good care of the goods if quality problems are found,and submit to our company sufficient samples of large quantities of goods andwritten quality objections.

9, if the quality objection raised by thecustomer is true, our company will return and replace in time.

10. Guangzhou Carbon Gold Technology   Co., Ltd. reminds you that the followingconditions do not fall within the scope of return and exchange services:

     All appearance or stains caused by customer's human factors;

     All force majeure (such as flood, fire, lightning, earthquake and othernatural factors) cause damage to the product.

     All damage caused by external environment or use causes parts to bescratched, corroded, moulded and rusted.

     Exceed the service period stipulated by the products of Guangzhou CarbonGold Technology s Co., Ltd.

     No, alteration, tear up purchase and sale contract, written order,product settlement sheet, square logo product;

    Customers fail to pay or refuse payment over the payment period.

    The physical damage caused by the matching use of our products withother company's spare parts.

11. Carbon Gold Company will respond tocustomer's quality objections and service complaints within 24 hours and givesatisfactory results to customers.

12, advisory services:

     You may consult the sales person or technical service center of ourcompany for information about goods or services.

     You can get information by e-mail or visit our website.

13.Our company will amend the terms and conditions according to the circumstances,and the revised contents will be announced separately. The above stipulationsstipulate that Guangzhou Carbon Gold Technology   Co., Ltd. has the final right of interpretation.